Procedures for ordering a custom made dress from Paddy Kelleher Designs

The procedure for ordering a dress varies with each dressmaker, but I shall attempt to make our way clear with this page.

Some information before we begin:

The planning stages for the dress can take as long as the dress construction. From first cut to final stitch, an average dress is completed with a two to three week period of time. The waiting list is there to accommodate all the other dresses booked before yours. Because of this, schedule changes require a lot of effort and are not always possible.

To book a dress, a $300 Canadian deposit must be paid. This secures your timeslot and helps cover the cost of materials. Please be sure you would like to proceed as it is non-refundable.

Please look at dresses you see and think about what you would like for your dress. Please consult your teachers as they are experienced in this and may have very definite ideas about what will suit your dancer best.

Approximately two months before your dress is due, please send your colour and design ideas. I would like to see pictures of three or four dresses you really like with an explanation of what you like about them. It is helpful to know what you do not like as well. We can then send swatches in the choices available. Please note that the dresses will not be copied, only used for information purposes.

We do not send out swatches of every fabric we have available to us. If you would like a full set of swatches, please contact a company such as Threads of Green or Irish Dancewear who sell fabrics.

The two month rule is important as sizes, trends and tastes change. There is no point planning your dream dress too far in advance, only to decide you do not like it any more once the time comes to make it.

Dresses take approximately 60-80 hours to make and are done over a two-three week period. There are a number of staff working on the dresses as both out-workers and in-house workers.

We have an excellent reputation for meeting deadlines, which we would like to perpetuate. In order to continue doing this, we have to get the dresses on hand finished before we can move on to the next one. This means that the workroom takes priority over communication at times. Paddy, the manager/designer, is the only contact person. She also has to oversee the staff to maintain the high quality standards we are known for. If she does not get back to you as soon as you would like, please consider that she is making sure we are on schedule in general and that this we way we will be on schedule for you as well.

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